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ANSI Simplex Single Cranked Cottered Links

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ANSI Simplex Single Cranked Cottered Links

ANSI simplex single cranked cottered links are used for chains in a wide variety of engineering applications, including conveyor belts and other applications where transmission chains are employed. The commercial contexts in which they are used are equally diverse, from the packaging industry to canning and bottling and heavy industrial uses. Hans Renold is given the credit for inventing the roller chain, and Renolds products are still sold and stocked by us today.

Sizes and Fitting

ANSI simplex single cranked cottered links are available in pitch sizes from 9.53 mm or 3/8 up to 50 mm or 2. The pitch is measured as the distance from one pin's centre to the centre of the next one.

In the Renolds products, one link has cranked plates and is pressed on to a bush and roller assembly at the narrower point. You place a clearance fit connecting pin (No. 128) at the wider end and secure this by means of a split pin.

The Sedis No. 216 Single Cranked Cottered Link is used to lengthen a chain which has an odd number of pitches from 1/2" (12.7mm) pitch. The pins on these chain links are removable.

From Everyday Quality to Premium Products As mentioned above, we stock BS duplex cottered connecting links from both Renolds and Sedis. Renolds is well known for its international reach with products both from the everyday range and the premium quality Blue Box range.

Note that there are a number of different types and standards in use for connecting links to be used with roller chains. Some are European or British Standard, and others are ANSI. Even within the ANSI products there are simplex connecting links with cottered links or spring clips. You can get double cranked simplex links or inner links, not to mention simplex outer links that can be riveted.

This is because Simply Bearings has a huge product range. We almost certainly have the right part for you, and if you're not sure which is the most suitable, just give us a quick call. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team on the phone who will be able to point you in the right direction, backed up by a no-quibble returns policy that should give you peace of mind. You have a choice of delivery options, with free standard UK delivery and a same-day service if you need a product very urgently. We also deliver abroad.


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