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ANSI Triplex Outer Link To Be Riveted

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ANSI Triplex Outer Link To Be Riveted

These roller chain closing or replacement links are for chains with four runs of side plates and three rollers per link. An American standard triplex outer link to be riveted fits over adjoining inner links, and the free side plate is riveted closed.

Roller chains are used as transmission or drive chains, and in a triplex configuration provide extra strength and durability. They are often found in applications such as conveyors, agitators, machine tools, mixers, bucket elevators, rotary and vibrating screens, excavators, and on classic motorcycles like Norton, Vincent and BSA. Multiple chains are also more reliable for vertical transmission.

American standard triplex roller chain pitch sizes range from ? to 3. They have a comparatively smaller pin diameter than their European standard equivalents, therefore are slightly less wear resistance. On the other hand, some sizes in the range (especially those by Renold) have slightly narrower side plates that help avoid abrasive contact with chain-cases.

The three key measurements of roller chain links are their pitch and width, and the diameter of their rollers (to mesh with sprocket teeth).

American standard chains are referenced by an ANSI coding system. For example a "40-3-NO107 ANSI triplex outer link to be riveted will have a ? pitch (the number 4 denoting four eighths of an inch), be a standard roller chain (denoted by the 0) and have a triplex construction (denoted by the number 3). Slightly narrower versions of these chains are denoted with a 1 in place of the zero and bush chains without rollers denoted by a 5 in this position. Other numbers and letters may be added to denote corresponding sprocket widths and other special features, for example an "H suffix indicates thicker plates and a "V hardened pins.

If you require an ANSI triplex outer link to be riveted for a specialist application or challenging environment, our team are always available to advise and assist.

Simply Bearings only stock high quality links, however the materials and finishes of links vary according to whether the intended application requires additional qualities such as low lubrication, corrosion resistance, heat resistance or extra strength. When buying replacement links it makes sense to match these qualities to your existing chain, however investing in high quality belts greatly reduces long-term costs.

Renold provide ranges for difficult applications and environments. For example, the low friction Syno range is for environments where oil lubrication is unfeasible or unacceptable (food, packaging and paper industries, for example). The Sovereign range has increased wear resistance to withstand brick-dust, ceramic debris or cement grit. The Hydro-service range can withstand corrosion from salt water or chemicals up to 30 times longer than carbon steel.

Order from our American standard triplex outer link to be riveted range and we offer free delivery within the UK and same day dispatch to all destinations.


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