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AT and T Timing Belt Pulleys

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AT & T Timing Belt Pulley

Timing belt pulleys are specialist pulley systems that feature tooth profiles around the diameter of the pulley body and in the majority of case belts guidance flanges either side of the teeth. They are driven by the engagement of the teeth on the belt in the corresponding tooth profiles and the power is transferred in a positive and indexed manner.

Timing belt pulleys are often used in power transmission systems, particularly those where a constant speed ratio needs to be maintained as well as a true indexed relationship between the drive and driven pulleys. They are a great solution when there is a need to precisely link shafts together where a repeatable timed relationship between the two is required.

Timing belt pulleys have some advantages over other types; notably, they are more reliable, do not need constant lubrication, and are much quieter than chains or gears.

Here at Simply Bearings, we sell a significant number of different timing pulleys, including a range of AT & T timing belt pulleys in a wide selection of diameters and teeth numbers. Most of these pulleys are made from aluminium 6082 (some are steel) and can be used with T-series timing belts. They are available pilot bored and can be reamed to the required size, or finished in a lathe.

In terms of getting your items, we offer a number of choices to make things simple. These include free UK delivery on orders over £, low-cost international delivery (via FedEx), or Click and Collect from our Leigh premises.


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