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To maintain efficiency and attain maximum life span, all bolts, bearings, contacts and drive trains need to be maintained, cleaned and lubricated in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. The majority of our aerosol range comprises cleaning fluids and high-quality lubricants. If you are in any doubt about which cleaning and lubricating products meet your machinery's requirements, be sure to call Simply Bearings for guidance. In some cases, applying inappropriate products can be counter-productive, reducing the energy efficiency, reliability and longevity of your equipment.

When applying aerosol lubricants, cleaning sprays or other spray-on products, be sure to take the appropriate precautions to avoid contaminating nearby components or surfaces. Also follow the health and safety instructions provided by the manufacturer, wearing face masks, gloves or other protective equipment if advised to do so. Remember that products previously used safely in well-ventilated areas may accumulate dangerously in enclosed spaces.

All our aerosol products come from reputable and experienced manufacturers, most of which are household names you can rely on for both safety and efficacy. In addition to aerosol lubricants and cleaning sprays, our range includes adhesive accelerants, anti-corrosion treatments, barrier creams, spray markers, engine start sprays, and heat dissipation formulas for drilling and tapping.


Please be aware that the supply and delivery of aerosol sprays of all types is regulated under several pieces of legislation. Due to restrictions that have to be applied by delivery companies, including FedEx and Royal Mail, this product range cannot be shipped using our normal free services and a carrier service fee has to be applied at checkout on smaller orders. Aerosol sprays cannot be carried by plane; therefore, we cannot normally supply abroad or to islands separated from the UK mainland, unless you wish to arrange maritime shipping.


The vast majority of aerosol cans contain valuable metals such as steel and aluminium and should therefore be recycled. Some boroughs provide recycling bins in public locations for the collection of cans. When disposing at public collection points, do not pierce or crush the cans or attempt to remove their plastic nozzles. It is important that cans are empty of any potentially dangerous products. Small amounts or residual propellants are usually acceptable, but fully or substantially pressurised cans should be taken to a waste disposal site licensed to deal with potentially hazardous waste.

If your plant or workshop generates a substantial number of empty cans, aerosol recycling equipment and disposal boxes can be purchased to deal with them more conveniently. Due to their significant recycling value, it is often possible to sell them in bulk to a recycling company. Contact us if you would be interested in this type of accessory.


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