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All External Circlips

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All External Circlips

Simply Bearings is the UK's market leader in supply and retail of engineering parts, stocking a massive variety of new and replacement bearings, related parts and plenty of tools to help you get the job done. Our promise is to supply the country with the highest quality precision-engineered components, and our truly extensive range of stock includes a selection of circlips.

Circlips, otherwise known as C-clips or snap rings, are a type of retaining ring built from semi-pliable metal with open ends. The clips are deformed elastically when installed and removed by fitting a pair of circlip pliers into small holes at each end of the ring to stretch it open. External circlips are fitted axially over the outside of a shaft to provide an interference fit onto a machined groove on the shaft. The circlip allows rotary motion of the shaft but prevents lateral movement.

Circlips are frequently used to affix pinned connections, and on bicycle wheel hubs to secure sprockets. We stock circlips machined in a range of different dimensions and materials, including spring steel external circlips. Our range ensures that you can find precisely the part you require. To help you browse our comprehensive selection, we've included a drop-down menu search feature. Simply specify the diameter you require and you'll be shown all of the relevant products in stock. Diameters range from just 3mm all the way up to 240mm, so you're certain to find the circlip you need.

Our spring steel external circlips are manufactured from lightweight yet highly durable carbon spring steel. Spring steel achieves a very high yield strength, meaning that the circlip can be deformed and twisted multiple times during installation and removal, but will continue to retain its original shape and form.

We also stock a range of stainless steel circlips. Stainless steel is a steel-chromium alloy renowned for its resistance to rust and tarnishing. Our stainless steel circlips are ideal for applications such as bicycle wheels, due to their ability to stand up to the oil, dirt, grit and moisture commonly encountered when cycling, and they can be trusted to give safe and effective performance for their entire service life.

Excellent customer service is our prime concern, so we're pleased to offer free delivery on all circlips, via second class mail. Premium delivery is available if you choose, along with a range of other postage, packaging and delivery options. All circlips are subject to our no quibbles 90 day refund policy. No matter the reason, as long as you return the item within 90 days in its original condition, we'll give you a full refund.


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