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All Internal Circlips

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All Internal Circlips

At Simply Bearings, we are proud of our reputation as one of the UK's leading suppliers of new and replacement components for use across a huge variety of industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Our selection of internal circlips provides the extensive range of component sizes and options that we know you expect from us. They are stocked in our state-of-the-art warehouse with 20,000 sq. ft. of storage space, and we are absolutely confident that we can provide the precise part to meet your requirements.

Ubiquitous and essential components, circlips are a form of retaining ring consisting of a simple, partially flexible metal ring with open ends. Almost any operation involving a pivoting, turning or spinning part will rely on a circlip to fasten the assembly. They function as a load-bearing shoulder, holding mechanical parts in position. Therefore they are commonly found in pistons, turbines and motors.

Circlips are broken down into two main categories - internal and external. Both forms are usually manufactured from carbon spring steel or stainless steel to protect against corrosion, although other metals, such as copper, are used for specialist applications. The clip itself slots into a groove either on the exterior of a shaft or its interior bore, thus providing a constant radial force secured in spite of high-speed rotations due to the retainer groove.

Internal circlips are installed inside the bore of a cylindrical shaft and push outwards. Installation usually requires a special type of plier which attaches to holes in the ends of the clip, allowing the fitter to very easily squeeze and contract the clip to achieve sufficient clearance to position it effectively. This force generated by the spring tension of the clip is what allows them to fit so securely and reliably inside a cylindrical assembly. Importantly, the diameter and thickness of the clip affect the amount of spring pressure generated.

Our comprehensive stock of circlips covers diameters ranging from just 8mm and thicknesses of 0.8mm, all the way up to diameters of 300mm with thicknesses of 5mm. We offer a huge variety of dimensions in between these two extremes, so to make it easier for you to locate the precise technical specifications that you seek, please use the drop-down menus to specify your requirements.

As well as the diameter and thickness of the circlip, the amount of free space between the two open ends also affects the performance and suitability of the clip for particular applications. A high unstressed diameter and large gap width lead to clips which fit more snugly in the groove, generating higher and more uniform capacity for thrust load-bearing.


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