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All Rotary Shaft Seals

Seals come in a variety of different types. Rotary shaft seals, for example, are used in lots of applications, from motorcycle forks to harsh industrial environments, so there needs to be a specific type for each task.

Here at Simply Bearings we offer a choice of rotary shaft seals suitable for many different uses in the automotive sector, agriculture and industry.

Our V ring seals are available in both Nitrile and Viton rubber. V rings are located on the shaft and rotate with it, keeping lubricants in while ensuring grit, dirt and moisture are kept out. The choice of rubber determines their resistance to temperature variations and chemicals, with Viton versions generally being the more durable choice.

Nitrile shaft seals are used as oil seals and are designed to keep your equipment running smoothly. They're used in automotive, rail and marine applications as well as in pumps and mining. We stock Nitrile seals from major brands such as SKF, and all products are covered by our no-quibble money-back guarantee so that you can order your seals with confidence. Viton shaft seals do the same job, but again the properties of Viton rubber mean they're suitable for use where temperatures are higher and where resistance to chemicals, fats, salts, petrol, diesel and more is essential to smooth operation.

Polyurethane shaft seals are available too, and as with other products at Simply Bearings, they're sourced from major manufacturers like INA and come in a wide range of sizes to suit most needs.

We're happy to supply small orders as well as large ones, and price breaks are available for bigger quantities. You'll get your order fast too: we dispatch on the same day if you order before 4pm and second-class delivery is free, though you can opt for a faster service if you prefer. Ordering from our website is straightforward: you can choose by type, size or brand to find just the product to meet your needs.

Alternatively, if you need help in selecting the right product, our friendly customer services team are on the end of the phone and ready to assist.


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