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Asda Strimmer Parts

Strimmers come in many shapes and sizes, with prices ranging from £25 to over £500. Some cut using metal or plastic blades, but the majority use a flexible line extending from a rapidly rotating spool. The line wears out and is constantly replaced from the spool, so eventually you must replace or reload the spool.

Although many brands and models use this system, spools and lines are by no means standardised. The majority of spool cassettes are simple to replace or reload with new line; however, very few models will accommodate spools from other manufacturers and reloading them with incorrect kinds of line can be dangerous. If you have an Asda strimmer, be sure to fit Asda strimmer spares and select the Asda strimmer spool and lines intended for your particular model.

If you don't recognise your model in the product descriptions of this section, call Simply Bearings for advice about the Asda strimmer spares you need. We are happy to procure Asda strimmer parts not currently listed. Lines, spools and blades for other brands are available in other sections of our catalogue.

Avoiding line feed problems

Some models feed line from the spool more efficiently than others; however, there are several things you can do to minimise difficulties.

Be aware of the way your model is designed to feed line. Some are designed to feed more flail line in response to a gentle bump on the ground; others are not. If you bang a strimmer on the ground that was not designed in this way, there is a good chance of causing damage.

Secondly, be aware of the limitations of your model. Cheaper models are capable of lawn edging but will not cut through dense weeds or the woody stems of brambles, for example. Attempting to do this is often the reason you will find yourself in need of new Asda strimmer parts. Similarly, it is important to avoid letting the line impact on brickwork, posts or the hard ground.

Fitting heavier line into a spool to cut denser foliage is sometimes possible; however, unless you know your model is capable of this, it is a bad idea. It can cause the motor to overheat or compromise the safety of your garden appliance. If in any doubt about the Asda strimmer parts you can use, please seek professional advice.

Keep your strimmer clean. As you can imagine, debris can quickly clog the mechanism, including the line-feed. Always power off before handling the head!

Each time you clean your strimmer, check to see whether maintenance is required. Don't wait for the line to be exhausted before replacing it. Plenty of line helps to keep the feed mechanism mobile and any excessive length is automatically trimmed by a blade in the head. If the spool is cracked, change it promptly. It makes good sense to always have a spare Asda strimmer spool and lines in your garden tool box.


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