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BS Duplex Cottered Connecting Links

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BS Duplex Cottered Connecting Links

BS duplex cottered connecting links are widely used in mechanical engineering applications, connecting chains in applications such as bottling, food production, packaging and many others. British Standard (BS) products are aligned with the European standard duplex roller chain links and can be used interchangeably. This type of chain has a long history in engineering - the first drawing of one is by Leonardo da Vinci!

Sizes and Fitting

The links are available in pitch sizes from 9.53 mm or 3/8 up to 31.75 mm or 1 1/4. The pitch is the distance from the centre of one pin to the centre of another.

The Renold European connecting links are for use only with short pitch chains. Two connecting pins are riveted on to the outer plate. You secure the clearance fit connecting plate by using a spring clip - Renold No 27. This snaps into place in the pin grooves.

The Sedis Delta range has two pins riveted on to the outer plate. A special spring clip is used to maintain the loose plate. You need to orient the unopened section of the spring clip in the rotation direction of the chain. To increase robustness and wear resistance, the Sedis links have Delta pins.

From Everyday Quality to Premium Products As mentioned above, we stock BS duplex cottered connecting links from both Renolds and Sedis. Renolds is an international precision engineering and power transmission group, and the Renolds products are from both the standard range and from the higher-quality Blue Box range. The Sedis delta range features delta pins, and the Sedis 208 Cottered connecting link can be used from 1 pitch (25,4mm) for Delta? chains.

There are a number of different types of connecting links for various chains. Some are British Standard (BS)/European, while others are ANSI. Just within the BS products, there are connecting links with spring clips, duplex single cranked cottered links, duplex double cranked links, duplex inner links and duplex outer links that need riveting, as well as these BS duplex cottered connecting links.

Simply Bearings offers such a wide range of products that choosing the correct one is not always an easy task. Luckily, we have a team of knowledgeable and helpful telephone staff who can give you sound advice on which part is suitable for your application. And if by any chance you order the wrong thing, you have the reassurance of our no-quibble returns policy.


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