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BS European Standard Simplex Chains

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BS European Standard Simplex Chains

At Simply Bearings you will find that we stock an impressive array of BS European standard simplex chains which have been widely adopted across a range of market segments. Our site is packed with great products from leading brands in this category, including the likes of Renold, SKF, Diamond and Sedis. So shop online with us and order the chains you need today.

The chains we offer conform to industry regulations in the UK and throughout most other regions of the world, meaning they are highly compatible as well as built with materials and manufacturing processes that ensure they can resist wear and tear over time. These chains are required to power a variety of mechanisms, and the drop-down menus at the top will let you sort the available products by brand and chain pitch, which will make your search easier.

Many of the chains are rated to withstand operation within extreme conditions, ranging from temperatures of 130 degrees Celsius to 30 below freezing point. You can also expect that some chains will come pre-lubricated by the manufacturer, meaning that they are ready to be installed immediately without the need for additional treatments to be applied.

BS European standard simplex chains are made up of links and bearings that are connected together and can cope with a range of differing pressures and loads, depending on the intended application. Because there is so much variety, be sure to study the specifications of each chain thoroughly so that you can buy the right part.

Ordering chains from Simply Bearings is especially intuitive, as we sell them in a multitude of lengths, from five metres to 50 metres or more, depending on the model and brand. And because UK orders are eligible for free delivery, you do not need to worry about any additional costs being applied at the checkout.

Low-cost delivery to international addresses is available on our site, and you can switch to view prices in other currencies if you wish, giving our overseas customers an excellent shopping experience with Simply Bearings.

Express delivery is available if necessary, and any questions you might have about our products and services can be answered by our customer support team, so do not hesitate to get in touch. Browse our BS European standard simplex chains, and remember to check out the other products we offer, from tools and lubricants to engineering parts and much more besides.


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