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BS Simplex Connecting Link With Spring Clips

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BS Simplex Connecting Link With Spring Clips

Roller chains are used everywhere for power transmission in mechanical engineering. You find them in bicycles, in the home and in agriculture, manufacturing and industry. Where roller chains are being used, you'll also find connecting links.

The BS simplex connecting link with spring clips is widely used to connect one or more chains in these applications. The spring clip allows for sliding assembly on pins. The link is held in position by the spring clip which has a split end.

We stock the BS Simplex connecting link with spring clips from several manufacturers, including Sedis, Renolds and SKF.

The SKF chain is stainless steel, with a 19.05mm or 3/4 pitch.

The Renolds links are for use only on short pitch chains. They come supplied with connecting pins which are riveted into the outer plate. The connecting plate (clearance fit) is held in place via a spring clip. This fits into the grooves on the pins. Pitch sizes available are from 8mm or 5/16 to 38.1mm or 1 1/2.

We stock all three Renolds brands - the everyday Renolds products, the higher-quality Blue Box and the Synergy line. The Synergy products are built to resist fatigue and wear and to provide a long working life.

The Sedis Delta spring clip links operate in a similar way, with two pins riveted on to the outer plate and the loose plate secured by a spring clip. Note that the unopened section of the spring clip must point in the same direction as the rotation orientation of the chain. The Sedis Delta pins give exceptional wear resistance.

The Sedis links are available in chain pitch sizes from 9.53mm or 3/8 to 31.75mm or 1 ?.

BS Standard

The BS standard links are also compliant with European standards. However, they differ from the ANSI standard links, so it's important to ensure you have the correct type. Even within the BS products, there are a number of different types of roller chain links. If you're in any doubt about the type of link you need, give us a call. You'll find our telephone staff really helpful, and what's equally important, knowledgeable about the stock and where it's used. They'll be happy to advise you.

In any case, with Simply Bearings, you can confidently order knowing that if you find later you have ordered the wrong part, you can return it to us, taking advantage of our famous no-quibble refund policy.


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