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BS Simplex Single Cranked Cottered Links

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BS Simplex Single Cranked Cottered Links

A roller chain is made up of a set of cylindrical rollers which are held together by side links and usually driven by a sprocket. It's the most efficient means there is to set up a simple power transmission application.

Roller chains can be simplex, duplex or triplex. Simplex roller chains are the lightest type and are usually used in applications that are not very demanding, don't run at high speed and will not induce heavy wear on the chain - you'll find them in use as bicycle chains, for example.

BS simplex single cranked cottered links are used to join transmission chains in a hugely diverse range of applications and industries, in domestic and commercial settings and inside and outside buildings. Cranked links such as these can be used where you have an odd number of pitches on the chain.

Brands, Types and Sizes

The Sedis Alpha range is their premium offer for chains and links. These BS simplex single cranked cottered links have pins that can be removed. The links are available in pitch sizes from 9.53mm or 3/8 up to 38.1mm or 1 1/2.

Renolds claim to have invented the roller chain, and they continue to be a strong presence in the market. The Renold European (BS) Simplex Connecting Link is a single link with cranked plates. This is pressed on to a bush and roller assembly at the narrower end of the link. A connecting pin (clearance fit) at the wide end is held in place by a split pin.

The Renold links are available in pitch sizes from 9.53mm or 3/8 up to 50.8mm or 2.

European/BS Classification

There are two types of simplex single cranked cottered links: ANSI, the American standard, and BS, the British Standard which is also compliant with the European standard. Along with the different types of links, including simplex, duplex and triplex, there are the different types of cranked, cottered and spring clip links - so it can be a confusing area.

Not to worry - our expert and extremely helpful team are only a phone call away. They can answer any queries you have on which type of link you need for your requirements. Even if you can't call and have to go ahead and order, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if the link isn't the one you need, you can return it within 90 days under the terms of our no-quibble refund offer.


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