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BS Triplex Cottered Connecting Links

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BS Triplex Cottered Connecting Links

Why not take a look at our selection of BS triplex cottered connecting links, which are built to exact specifications and supplied by some of the biggest brands in the business? Simply Bearings is a great site to help you buy British Standard triplex cottered connecting chain links alongside a variety of other products for a range of purposes.

All of the chain links in this category adhere to British industry standards, so they are both fully compatible with equivalent links already in use and constructed with top-tier materials by reputable manufacturers. The brands represented in our group of BS triplex cottered connecting links include Renold and Sedis, so you can expect these products to last for a long time and withstand the rigours of regular use.

You can browse the British Standard triplex cottered connecting chain links here on Simply Bearings based on various defining factors, including the chain pitch for which they are designed. Pitches range from half an inch to a full two inches, with measurements also expressed in millimetres for customers who prefer to deal in metric sizes.

In most cases the outer plate of each of the links offered in this category is affixed through the use of a pair of split pins, while the connecting pins are riveted through the outer plate at the other side. This allows for easy maintenance and replacement, which is exactly what these parts are intended to achieve.

Customers of Simply Bearings who order chain links to be delivered in the UK can get their shipment sent to them free of charge with our standard delivery option. We also have express delivery available at inexpensive price points if time is a factor.

Overseas shoppers can buy with Simply Bearings and get their products shipped internationally without having to pay over the odds for the privilege. And to accommodate those in other countries, you can switch the currencies in which chain link prices are displayed so that you do not have to do any conversion calculations yourself.

We are confident about the quality of the services we offer, and about our products, so if you have any problems then you can be sure that we will respond to them quickly and will offer a full refund if you want to return items for any reason. Shopping for chain links, tools, sealants and parts of all kinds has never been easier thanks to Simply Bearings.


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