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2 Bolt Cast Iron Pillow Block Housings

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2 Bolt Cast Iron Pillow Blocks

Pillow block housings - sometimes referred to as plummer blocks - are generally used to provide support when a shaft is rotating. We stock a huge range of these housings in stainless steel, thermoplastic and stainless steel mix and cast iron, with many size options and various configurations. This section features our 2 bolt cast iron pillow block housings.

Simply Bearings carries a vast stock of these housings and blocks - over six hundred different products. High-quality brands include RHP, SKF, Baldor-Dodge and EU products.


The RHP NP Series of 2 bolt cast iron pillow block housings is an extremely cost-effective assembly. It comes fitted with a full-width sealed bearing insert which has two grub screws for use after installation in tightening the bearing against the shaft. The insert is replaceable and easy to remove from the housing. There's a grease nipple for easy re-lubrication.

A comprehensive range of sizes is available in both metric (12mm to 101.6mm) and imperial (1/2 to 4). The sizes relate to the inside diameter of the bore.

SKF High-Temperature Bearings

SKF high-temperature 2 bolt cast iron pillow blocks have a grease fitting in the housing. These robust pillow blocks can operate in highly contaminated environments with high temperatures, high operating speeds and demanding loads.

The VA 201 has a steel cage and is lubricated with a polyalkylene glycol and graphite compound. It will withstand temperatures from as low as -40 degrees Celsius to as high as +250 degrees. If it is subject to prolonged operation at over 200 degrees Celsius, a dry lubricant is used.

The inserts on all versions are coated with black phosphate. These bearings have a top operating speed of 100 rotations per minute.

Taper Sleeves

Both RHP and SKF offer 2 bolt cast iron pillow blocks with taper sleeves. The RHP version comes with a sealed full-width taper sleeve insert in the housing along with the locknut, tab washer and taper sleeve itself. The insert extends to front and back and can be replaced - there's a grease nipple for easy re-lubrication. The locknut is used to tighten the taper sleeve on to the shaft. Then the locknut itself is fixed using the tab washer.

Locking Collar

2 bolt cast iron pillow block housings are also available from SKF with a locking collar. They are suitable for operation in high temperatures and have a grease fitting that can be re-lubricated.

As you can see, even within this one bearing category we have a great choice of brands, types and sizes. If you need assistance choosing the correct pillow block housing, give our friendly telephone team a call. They're knowledgeable and helpful and will point you in the right direction. Simply Bearings has a famous no-quibble returns policy, so if you get the wrong product you can simply send it back and either re-order or get your money back.


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