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Steel / Bronze Lined Plain Female Rod Ends

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Steel / Bronze Lined Plain Female Rod Ends

These steel / bronze lined plain female rod ends are part of a range of rod end bearings used in the aircraft and automotive sectors and in both light and heavy industrial applications. They are used for a range of movements - linear, rotary and oscillating.

The mild steel body is galvanised to protect against corrosion and the raceway for the hardened chrome steel ball is made of phosphor bronze. Both right- and left-hand threads are available in a range of thread sizes: 3/8 UNF to 1 UNF and up to M30 x 2. Inside diameter sizes are from 3/16 to 1 (3mm to 30mm).

We offer a good selection of brands, from economy bearings such as EU Budget through to middle market suppliers such as Codex to the top-end brands such as SKF steel / bronze lined plain female rod end bearings.

The FB series is 'maintenance required' and is suitable for most purposes, including medium to heavy mechanical and industrial loads when you need good resistance to wear and low friction. They can be used in temperatures between -34°C to +149°C.

When you need an economical replacement bearing with sliding surfaces of steel on phosphor bronze, the EU Budget range is worth considering. The bearings have a mild steel galvanised body and a hardened chrome steel ball that runs in the phosphor bronze raceway.

For a maintenance-free, high-quality bearing, consider the SKF SIKAC M Series. It should be noted that although classed as maintenance-free, these bearings are not sealed and you can extend the life of the bearing by relubricating - use the lubrication point in the side of the bearing's head. The exception to this arrangement is the SIKAC5M, which must be lubricated from the side of the ball.

The SKF bearings are made from slightly different materials, depending on the size of the bearing. Free machining steel, zinc coated and chromatized, and bronze are used in sizes 5-12; for sizes 14-30, bronze and heat treatable steel that is zinc coated and chromatized are used. This bearing will operate in temperatures between -30°C and +180°C.

These steel / bronze lined plain female rod ends are a good choice where lubricant might be needed; however, it should be noted that they carry a lower load than the steel/steel rod ends.

If you are not sure which of the steel / bronze lined plain female rod end bearings is the right choice for your requirements, give our knowledgeable and friendly helpline team a call. Normal delivery is free in the UK, while both next day and same day delivery can be arranged. Our passion for service is second to none.


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