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J Section Poly V Belts

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J Section Poly V Belts

At Simply Bearings you will find a full range of bearings, belts and other associated parts to enable you to source all your requirements in one place. We have extensive experience in the industry and understand exactly what our customers require, so you know that you are buying from one of the best.

Our stock of belts includes J section poly V belts in a number of different sizes, so you can choose the exact specifications that you require. These products are characterised by one endless belt that has longitudinal v-shaped ribs, which match the v-grooves in the pulleys perfectly.

These types of belts combine the gripping traction achieved with multiple v-belts with the convenience of being able to use just a one-piece thin flat belt. This makes them suitable for use in a variety of different applications.

The J section poly V belts are units that have an uninterrupted tension member, which is completely supported, in order for the drive load to be distributed evenly along the pulleys' full width. The benefit of these v-belts is that there is no requirement to have to match separate belts up or any issues with interference, slipping or grabbing.

With the use of J section poly V belts it is possible to use a smaller size of pulley than with a standard v-belt because of the thin cross-section. They are also able to cope with speed ratios as high as 40:1, and they don't require special guides, crowns, deep grooves or flanges to track properly. They are able to maintain consistent speed ratios, as well as uniform output speeds, due to the resistance of seating in the grooves.

These poly v-belts are also resistant to heat, oil, abrasion and ozone, as well as having static conductivity, providing reliability and durability across the different applications they are used in.

At Simply Bearings we aim to get your order, including J section poly V belts, to you as quickly and efficiently as possible using our range of delivery options. These include a free delivery service on all our products, alongside next-day and morning choices for more urgent requirements.

As with any type of spare part, it's important to choose the appropriate poly v-belt specifications for your needs, and our helpful customer service team can assist you with your requirements. If you have any questions on your order or any of the products we stock, they will be happy to help.


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