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Toothed Belts

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Toothed Belts

Toothed belts are used across many different mechanical devices and offer a number of benefits, to provide excellent resistance properties and reliability. At Simply Bearings we have a wide selection of rounded and wedge tooth belts in stock, with different pitch sizes, to enable our customers to locate the exact profile that fits their specifications.

Rounded tooth belts are available at Simply Bearings with 3 mm, 5mm, 8mm or 14mm pitches. They can be specified with the exact number of teeth and the precise belt length that you need, so that they fit into your machine to provide an effective replacement.

Synchronous toothed belts offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing a low cost replacement, even if there are difficult drive requirements, including high belt speeds, back tensioning rollers or high transmission ratios.

These rounded and wedge tooth belts enable bespoke solutions to be carried out that are both economical and effective. They bring about a number of benefits, including creating a synchronised drive. They also provide high degrees of resistance to deformation, fatigue, ageing and temperature extremes, which all combine to offer excellent reliability and to reduce the need for maintenance.

At Simply Bearings, our wedge and rounded tooth belts provide a high speed operation that is extremely quiet. They are suitable for use in a number of mechanical systems, including photocopiers, sewing machines and automotive engines. The toothed belts are often used instead of gears or chains, as this produces a far quieter system and takes away the need for a lubrication bath.

If you are purchasing toothed belts from Simply Bearings, you can take advantage of our 100% refund guarantee. If any elements of the product do not meet with your expectations, we will be happy to replace it or offer you a refund.

We offer a choice of delivery options on our rounded and wedge tooth belts, including both free and next day delivery services, so you can have your products delivered as quickly or economically as you like.

If you are unsure of the exact toothed belt you require, our experienced team will be able to help you with your requirements, to enable you to order exactly the right product to ensure an effective replacement.


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