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Black Oxide Steel Double Split Shaft Collars

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Black Oxide Steel Double Split Shaft Collars

With so many different types of shaft collars on the market, it's essential that you choose the right one for your particular type of machinery. The majority of shaft collars are designed with either a single or a double split, or they have a grub screw to keep it in place. At Simply Bearings we stock all of these different shaft collars, including single and double split shaft collars with clamp bolts, in a range of different sizes and several materials. The site is quick and easy to navigate, making it simple to find, choose and order the specific model that you need.

Our range of single split shaft collars includes black oxide steel single split shaft collars, which are manufactured from a form of galvanised steel that is extremely tough and resistant to corrosion. Black oxide is a type of coating for ferrous materials. When black oxide coating is applied to a ferrous material, it will gain additional corrosion resistance.

At Simply Bearings we have a range of double split shaft collars with clamp bolts in stock, and these can easily be locked into place on the shaft for a secure fitting. Once they are tightened, they will remain firmly in position, but they are also easy to adjust if necessary. These properties make them perfect for positioning on to components like sprockets or bearings.

Our black oxide steel double split shaft collars can be ordered in specific dimensions, so you know that you're purchasing a quality product that will fit correctly on to the shaft and give you a secure finish. The shaft collars can be sorted according to the individual inside diameter, outside diameter or width that you require, which makes it easy to find the exact single split shaft collars with clamp bolts that match your needs.

As the first online business to sell bearings and other related parts, at Simply Bearings we understand the market and know exactly what our customers are looking for. We continually invest in the company to ensure that we are using the very best technologies and employ dedicated individuals who can advise you on your requirements.


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