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Bore Snap Rings

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Bore Snap Rings

A bore snap ring usually comprises a springy carbon steel flat wire open ring that fits into a groove in internal bores and housings. The protruding surface of the bore snap ring then serves to retain the assemblies in place. All sizes of bore snap ring in this section of our catalogue are supplied in packets of two.

We stock bore snap rings in a wide range of sizes, from 9mm bore snap rings up to rings suitable for 183mm bores. Remember that the inside diameter of a bore and that of the shaft are always slightly different; for example, a 183mm bore ring fits the 183mm inside diameter of a bore on a 187.5mm shaft. At the other end of the scale, a 9mm bore ring fits the 9mm inside diameter of a bore on a 9.5mm shaft. A guide to sizing and machining is provided under the technical tab on the individual product pages.

Our product codes are self-explanatory; for example, an SB85 is suitable for an 85mm bore. For your convenience, our product descriptions also list the equivalent compatible product codes and specifications used by other manufacturers and standard agencies; for example, the SB85 is equivalent to DIN5417, DIN 5417, CFH85, CFH-85, 2300-85, SB-85, and M2300-85.

We source our bore snap rings only from proven top-quality suppliers. The majority are made of SAE 1065 carbon steel, which is hardened to HRC 45-52.

Other types

If you require snap rings in other sizes or materials to those shown, Simply Bearings is always happy to locate the precise product you require. Other possible construction materials include stainless steel, brass, copper, zinc plated, cadmium plated, and plastic. We can also supply external snap rings for fitting over shafts and rods.

Other types of retaining rings that we can help to locate for you on request include self-locking rings that can grips shafts or housings - externally or internally - without requiring a machined groove; spiral or coiled rings; bowed rings designed to exert spring compression upon parts of the housing; rings with specific bevels to mate with complementary angles in the housing for more rigid assemblies; and two-part interlocking rings.

Take care

It is unusual for a bore snap ring to break in normal usage; however, if one does snap, the broken edge can be sharp. You should therefore take care when extracting broken rings from your shaft or housing.


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