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Bosch Chainsaw Parts

Bosch is one of the most famous and reliable names in chainsaw equipment. Bosch chainsaw parts are of the same high quality as their chainsaws, so you can have peace of mind when you buy these spares.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be essential for working with Bosch chainsaw parts, whether that's on your property or at work. At work it's actually a legal requirement. We stock a wide range of Bosch chainsaw parts, and the Safety department of our website has a great choice of safety equipment specifically for chainsaw users. It's wise to consider safety equipment that will protect you while you are fitting and using Bosch chainsaw spares. One example is Chainsaw Gloves. Use these to prevent the chainsaw slipping - they have extra high user protection and feature extra safety protection on the left glove.

For safety protection that is above the standards required for safe working with chainsaws, take a look at our Chainsaw Helmet. Featuring integral ear defenders, it has a metal mesh visor. Also worth consideration are the completely adjustable Chainsaw Safety Chaps. These one-size over trousers are totally adjustable, so you can get a fit that's superbly comfortable when you're working with Bosch chainsaw chains.

Bosch Chainsaw Spares

Bosch Chainsaw Spares are listed by bar size. The bar is the metal blade that the chain is fitted around. Just remember that in some cases bar sizes can be the same while the number of teeth (chain links) can vary. You may need to check your model to verify the number of teeth that are needed.

The list below is a guide to our stock, but remember that we add items all the time, so if the part you need is not listed, check the product page.

Bosch Chainsaw Chains - Size Information

BC045 - 30cm bar - 45 drive links: Will fit: AKE 30, AKE 30B, AKE 30S, AKE 30/30S, AKE 30-17S, AKE 30-18S, AKE 30-19S, AKE 30Li - compares to: F016800014, F016800256.

CH045 - 30cm bar - 45 drive links: Will fit: AKE 30E, AKE 35B, AKE 40B, AKE 300B, GKE 35BC, GKE 40BC, PKE 25, PKE 30B, PKE 35B, PKE 40B 35cm (14 inch).

BC052 - 35cm bar - 52 drive links: Will fit: AKE 35, AKE 35S, AKE 35-17S, AKE 35-18S, AKE 35-19S, AKE 35 SDS. Compares to: F016800257 F016800015.

CH052 - 35cm bar - 52 drive links: Will fit: AKE35B, AKE35-19 Pro, GKE 35B, GKE35BC, PKE35B. Compares to: F016800239.

CH057 - 40cm bar - 57 drive links: Will fit: AKE40-19 Pro, AKE40-19S Pro, AKE40B, AKE400, GKE40BC, GKE40BCE, PKE40, PKE 40B. Compares to: F016800240.

BC057 - 40cm bar - 57 drive links: This part is not appropriate for use with the PRO models. It will fit: AKE 40S 1800W, AKE 40-17 S, AKE 40-18 S, AKE 40-19 S, AKE 40 SDS, AKE 40/40 S and compares to: F016800258 1604730002.


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