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Bosch Strimmer Parts

Bosch make a wide range of garden power tools, including numerous models of strimmer. They don't manufacture petrol-driven varieties - their strimmers are either mains-corded or run from rechargeable battery packs. Nevertheless, models at the top end of the range have enough cutting power to give petrol strimmers a run for their money in the thickets.

At the other end of the scale are cordless models that are cheaper than a night in the pub. But all strimmers need regular maintenance and replacement of expendable parts. In particular, their cutting lines or plastic blades (depending on your model) wear down in use and be easily replaced: they are a consumable. Simply Bearings stocks all Bosch strimmer spools and cutting lines, Bosch grass strimmer blades and other Bosch strimmer parts.

Flying debris or impacts with hard ground can also lead to wear and damage of cutting heads, spool housings or other parts of your strimmer. Batteries and chargers also need replacing from time to time. If there are Bosch strimmer parts you can't find amongst our online catalogue, feel free to give our customer services a call. We will happily advise you regarding any strimmer-related question and try to find parts or consumables not already listed.

Blades and Cutting Lines

The short cutting lines in some Bosch strimmers are easily replaced by threading in new cutting lines. Others use a longer line that is wound inside a spool. Although it is possible to thread new lines into these spools when the original has been consumed, most people choose the easier option of replacing the entire cassette.

Other types are fitted with Bosch grass strimmer blades. These are made of lightweight but sharp-edged plastic. They are designed to be easily and quickly replaced once worn or damaged. You should be able to identify which kind of blades or Bosch strimmer spools and cutting lines you need from the model number of your appliance.

Safety Warnings

Before inspecting the cutting edges of your strimmer, always remove the power cord or battery pack. Never attempt to open battery packs, chargers or motors unless you have taken every safety precaution and are qualified to do so.

The cutting power of your strimmer depends mainly upon the horsepower of its motor but also on the weight of the cutting line or blade. However, you cannot normally upgrade the cutting power of these tools by adding blades or lines of greater weight. The extra weight will either overheat your motor or cause it to slow down - reducing its effectiveness. Call Simply Bearings if you are in any doubt as to the correct blades or lines for your particular model.


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