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C Section V Belts - 22x14mm

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C Section V Belts - 22x14mm

V-belts are wedge-shaped when viewed in cross-section ("trapezoidal in engineering terms), so you may have come across them described as "wedge belts. V-belts transmit power or torque, such as from one pulley to another, by means of friction between the pulley and the belt and are usually used in mechanical drives.

V-Belt Categories

V belts come in five traditional types: A, B, C, D and E. Each letter refers to a different belt category, depending on the size of the belt in cross-section. Each type has a different capacity for transmitting power. The exact capacity will depend on a number of other variables, such as the speed ratio. In general, C section V belts have a transmission power of between 1Kw and 6Kw. However, more than one belt can be used where higher power is being transmitted and therefore more torque is required.

Construction and Applications

The belts are constructed of steel wires. Usually, these have no joints and are endless, but joints can be included in V-belts. It's the wires that do the work of transmitting the torque. They are encased in a special rubber formula which gives the belt its characteristic V-shape. (Polymer is also used sometimes).

The rubber also acts as a shock absorber and compression medium when power is being transmitted. The belts can generate high temperatures when moving, so they have a protective covering over the rubber - this is often a layer of plastic.

C section V belts are found in use in many industries, including shipping, mining, vehicle production, building and aeronautics.

C Section Belt Range

C section belts have a 22mm by 14mm profile. This slim profile is ideal for industrial applications where reverse idlers have to be used. The classic profile is universal - it fits pulleys designed to comply with ISO 4183/4184. We stock Continental Powerspan, Continental and Major Brand belts, in a wide range of sizes. The inside lengths are from 857mm to 10,770mm. Outside lengths are from 965mm to 10,871mm. (Imperial equivalents: 33.75 to 424 and 38 to 428).

Most belts can resist oil, abrasion and ozone and do not need lubrication. Premier-quality belts, such as the C112, will give extended life. The life of the belts can also be extended by storing them flat rather than hanging them up, and making sure they are kept in dry and cool conditions and not in direct sunlight.

If you want more information or have any kind of query, why not call our helpful staff, who are experts in these products and will ensure that you get the right product? And remember that our no-quibble returns policy provides further peace of mind.


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