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Delrin Plastic Ball Bearings

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Delrin Plastic Ball Bearings

Delrin plastic ball bearings are ultra-durable, tough and strong, and are capable of standing up to repeat impacts or long-term wear. These are Polyoxymethylene balls (POM) made of acetal plastic. Acetal is a thermoplastic specially designed for engineering use, and is widely used in mechanical engineering applications including door systems, gears and conveyor belts. For food application, choose the ones that are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - you'll find this in the item heading.

These Celcon plastic bearings are designed to replace metal bearings, so they have the same stiffness and strength as well as durability.

Our customers regularly use them in fuel systems, switchgears, valves and actuators, portable water systems, marine settings and many other places. If you have an unusual application you want to use them for, buying a variety and testing them in that particular context is often the best way of finding the type best suited to that particular job.

Delrin balls can withstand petroleum based solvents, as well as chemicals. They don't mind moist conditions and can withstand temperatures up to 150C, but are also good at electrical insulation and lubricate themselves when in use.

They're also drillable, although obviously easier to drill in the larger sizes.

Once you are satisfied you have made the right choice, you can order the full quantity. Note that the balls can vary in colour, but there is no variation in their properties or performance - it's just that a different pigment has been used at the factory.

Sizes available go from 1/8 to 2.5, or 63.5mm, but you'll find that the popular inch gradations and mm sizes are all covered. Balls are manufactured to specific tolerances, so if you need a particular grade, look in the item heading. We stock Grade 1 bearings.

We have a huge stock at unbeatable prices and bearings are supplied ready bagged and labelled. Each pack has ten balls, and you can buy in a range of pack quantities - see the individual size display for details.


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