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Disc Opener Round Bore Bearings

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Seeder Bearings Disc Opener Round Bore Bearings

You might check your agricultural vehicles and attachments before the start of every planting season, but not everyone remembers to check the bearings. For example, in a disc opener wear on either the discs or the bearings can result in seeds being planted erratically or too shallow - reducing germination and the eventual crop yield. If you're removing worn discs, always consider replacing the bearings at the same time to guarantee precise furrowing and maximum productivity.

Here at Simply Bearings we stock a full range of bearings suitable for all kinds of agricultural equipment, including seeder bearings disc opener round bore bearings, hexagonal and square bore bearings, flanged bearings, thrust bearings and other related spare parts such as nitrile seals, bushes, pins and bolts.

Not All Bearings Are Equal

There is an enormous difference in longevity between the best and the cheapest, so we stock only top-quality parts from Peer that provide the best value. These sealed units resist corrosion, require no re-lubrication and simply last longer.

Our range is suitable for most kinds of tillage machines and planters, such as those from John Deere, Kinze, Krause, Kuhn, Landoll, Tye, White and New Holland, amongst others. You don't need to replace a bearing with one by the same manufacturer, as most sizes are industry standards - so our Peer bearings substitute perfectly for any previous bearing from BCA, Fafnir or Krause and so on. If in any doubt about correct parts, don't hesitate to call us.

No-till farming imposes high loads on equipment, and a tight and rigid assembly is essential both for a consistent furrow and for a longer lifetime of the parts themselves. Precision engineering - minimising internal clearances - keeps your equipment working optimally mile after mile, so top-quality engineering and materials should be your priority, as it is ours.

To get the most from your new bearings, be sure you fit them with as much precision as possible too. After replacing your blades, shim them carefully. Too far apart and they can cut a W-shaped groove much as worn components often do - resulting in shallow planting or air pockets beside seeds that can impair their germination. If they're set too tight together, on the other hand, the side pressure on the bearings can increase wear and reduce their lifespan.

Fastest Delivery, Best Service

Get seeder bearings disc opener round bore bearings from Simply Bearings because of our superb customer service. We provide fast free delivery throughout the UK (and low-cost delivery to Europe), with same-day or next-day normally available. We're ISO9001 certified for a guaranteed quality service and provide a 90-day no-quibble refund for any unsatisfactory part supplied. Our customer support team are available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm.


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