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E-clips are appropriately-named parts that can be purchased direct from Simply Bearings. Resembling the letter E, these convenient clips are ideal whether you want to use them in a domestic setting for DIY or as part of a professional project.

The main purpose of an e-clip is to hold particular parts or gears in place on a shaft, making them suitable for securing items such as wheel bearings in one place. As shafts can come in a variety of diameters, there are a number of different diameter e-clips available to buy online from our site.

What makes these components especially convenient is that they can simply be snapped into place, making them quick to install and not requiring the use of any specialist tools to get the job done in most instances.

We offer carbon spring steel e-clips, which ensure excellent build quality, long-lasting durability and unmatched strength; therefore, they can withstand years of use without needing to be replaced. You can buy these top tier clips in pack sizes ranging anywhere from two to 1,000, with products built for shaft diameters starting at 1.2mm and going right up to 24mm.

When you invest in an e-clip set with Simply Bearings, you will be able to get your order delivered to you free of charge, providing you are based in the UK. This applies to all orders of any size, with no lower limit for order value that needs to be met. You can choose express delivery and other paid options if you need to receive your order as quickly as possible.

Our site is a great place to find out about the selection of clips that we offer and also to make a secure, safe purchase without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. We also aim to keep customers satisfied by offering a 100% refund guarantee that you can claim if you are not entirely satisfied with the goods that you receive, providing you make the return within 90 days of purchase. This means you can always buy with confidence when you do business with Simply Bearings.


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