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E-Flor Strimmer Parts

Strimmers trim grass and clear clumps of weeds using a wiry string extended taut by the centrifugal force of their rapidly rotating heads. While strimming it's inevitable that debris will fly around - friction is generated and some impact wear will occur. To accommodate this wear, strimmers are designed to extend new cutting cord from a spool, replacing what is gradually worn away in use. When the spools no longer contain any spare cord, it's time to replace them.

We supply top-quality replacement E-Flor strimmer spools and cutting lines for any model of E-Flor strimmer. Some E-Flor strimmer parts are compatible with other brands, such as Floraself, Gardol, Ikra, Swing, Tonino, Variolux, Viking, Stihl, Sabo or CMI, but why make life complicated? Providing you can identify your strimmer's model number, we guarantee to supply you only with top-quality compatible parts and consumables - original brands whenever possible.

Replacing E-Flor Strimmer Spools and Cutting Lines

Although new line can often be wound on to the old spools, it requires some dexterity and patience. Some strimmer heads also contain springs, bolts or retaining clips. However, if you wish to do this, Simply Bearings have rolls of suitable strimmer cutting line available. You should order the same weight and profile of cord as that used in the original spools (typical cord diameters are 1.5mm or 2.4mm, but most E-Flor strimmers use either one or two lines of 1.5mm cord).

Replacing pre-wound spools is much easier and faster, and these consumables are inexpensive. It makes sense to order a couple of spares so that you are never caught short when the weather is right for some time on the garden!

Safe Use of Strimmers

The strimmer's protective housing directs debris in a safe direction, but safety glasses and garden gloves are always recommended by the leading manufacturers. Simply Bearings also supply suitable gardening gloves and eye protection.

Never attempt to change E-Flor strimmer spools and cutting lines or other E-Flor strimmer parts without first safely disconnecting the power cord or removing the battery pack if your strimmer is cordless.

Don't overtax your strimmer: not all strimmers are the same. They vary in design and intended use as well as in motor power. While some are general-purpose, others are aimed at trimming lawn edges and have swivelling heads and other features to excel in that application. Others are less easy to handle for that task but may be more suitable for attacking banks of dense growth or weeds. If your strimmer isn't designed for the way you use it, irregular rotation speed, lost cutting lines or over-heating can be the result.

Finally, always clean your strimmer after use, checking spools and housings for any debris or damage.


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