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EDE Strimmer Parts

Strimmers are an invaluable tool when it comes to trimming small patches of ground or giving the final touches to those areas of the lawn that the lawnmower can't handle - around statues or trees and next to paths. People with smaller lawns often dispense with a lawnmower altogether and just use a strimmer. But if you're clearing a patch of weeds and undergrowth, the strimmer can make short work of it so that you can move on with getting the ground ready for planting.

It's very annoying when the strimmer line breaks. If it happens repeatedly, you'll probably do better with a thicker line which will cope with tough weeds or rampant undergrowth.

These strimmer spool accessories are just the job for maintaining the strimmer in great working condition. The strimmer line comes in different thicknesses so that you can choose a suitable size for the type of job you have in mind. As well as the Ede strimmer spools and cutting lines, other parts and accessories are also available, including spool covers, head assemblies, spool retaining bolts or complete spool holder kits if you want to replace the whole thing.

Whether it's a broken strimmer spool or line that needs replacing, or you have decided to keep a spare just in case, Ede strimmer spools and cutting lines combine quality and cost-effectiveness.


This grass strimmer spool holds a handy 7m of blue strimmer line with a width of 1.5mm. This is suitable for most general garden jobs. The PP300 will fit the RT2214 strimmer.


These EDE strimmer spools and cutting lines consist of 2 x 4 metre lengths of line which is 1.5mm thick - suitable for general work in the garden. You can use these EDE strimmer parts with the RT2430DA and RT2535DA models.


This also has 2 x 4 metre lines with a thickness of 1.5mm. This part is for use with the RT2945D strimmer.

These EDE strimmer parts are great value, but you can get even better value if you buy several at a time. Our multi-buy discounts are a great deal, and if you have an area that you have to strim frequently during the year, it will ensure that you always have a spare to hand if the line breaks. Standard delivery is free and fast, and if it's an emergency, we can get the part to you by same-day or guaranteed next-day delivery.


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