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Eccentric Collar Full Width Steel Parallel Outer Inserts

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Eccentric Collar Full Width Steel Parallel Outer Inserts

Widely used in agriculture, these bearing inserts have an eccentric collar fixing and are a full width insert with a parallel outer race. They feature a grub screw that allows the insert to be tightened against the shaft once it is fitted. They're frequently found in housed type bearings because the grub screw makes them easy to get out of the housing for replacement.

These Eccentric Collar Full Width Steel Parallel Outer Inserts fit the shaft so that it can turn at speeds comparable to those achieved with standard ball bearings. This makes the inserts suitable for use in a range of applications to replace parts that have worn or broken.

At Simply Bearings, we bring you high-quality brands that ensure robust and reliable performance from the inserts even in demanding environments such as agriculture, where dirt, dust and demanding conditions are frequently encountered. We stock Eccentric Collar Full Width Steel Parallel Outer Inserts from top manufacturers such as INA and RHR.

The inserts are available in a range of both metric and imperial sizes. The inner diameter sizes range from ? to 2 15/16. Metric sizes are from 19.05mm to 75mm. Outside diameters are all metric - from 47mm to 130mm.

The RHP 1000-DEC Series features a grub screw for tightening, parallel outer race and eccentric collar. We stock these inserts in a wide range of sizes and they are sealed for life.

The INA E..-KRR Series features corrosion protection. It has a locking eccentric collar to fix it on the shaft, a parallel outer race and R seals. This series is ideal for bearings which always move in the same direction or which alternate direction but only at low speeds and with lighter loads. Both the collar and the inner rings have protection against fretting corrosion, as they are coated with Corrotect. They can be used in a temperature range of -20 degrees C to +120 degrees C. The INA E..-KLL Series Inserts are similar except that they have L seals.

We have a team of specialist bearings experts to help with any enquiries you might have - give them a call if you are not sure which insert you need or have any other queries. We pride ourselves on providing a service that can't be beaten by any other online supplier. We also have a no-quibble returns policy, so you won't find yourself stuck with an item you can't use.


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