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Tyre Drive Couplings

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Tyre Drive Couplings

As well as assembled tyre drive coupling units, we stock the coupling flanges and replacement drive tyres as separate items.

Tyre drive couplings come in different configurations, and these are explained below. The rubber inserts reduce shock, vibration and noise. Most common applications can use the natural rubber version. However, where fire prevention and resistance are important, the chloroprene rubber tyre is a more suitable choice.

Tyre Drive Couplings

Coupling assemblies come in three different configurations depending on whether the taper bore is inserted from the flange side or the hub side or whether there is a pilot bore. Then there are three more mixed type configurations.

  • FF tyre drive coupling units, both taper locking bushes face inwards, towards the flange.
  • HH assemblies both taper locking bushes face outwards, towards the hub.
  • BB assemblies there is a pilot bore through the coupling.
  • FH coupling you insert one taper bush from the flanged side and one from the hub side.
  • FB type one taper locking bush is inserted from the flange side, and the other flange has a nominally sized pilot bore.
  • HB type one taper locking bush is inserted from the hub side, and the other side has a nominally sized pilot bore.

The maximum bore sizes are from 25 mm (1") to 115 mm (41/2")

Separate Coupling Flanges

You can buy tyre drive coupling flanges separately rather than as an assembled unit. The coupling flanges come in F, H or B types, as described above. To make a fully assembled coupling, you will need two flanges and a tyre.

Replacement Drive Tyres

If you're assembling your own couplings, you'll need to buy the drive tyres separately. This is also useful if you want to use F.R.A.S Fire Resistant tyres in the coupling. These tyres are made of a chloroprene compound which can be used in temperatures from -15 degrees C to +70 degrees C. They are both fire-resistant and anti-static.

If you need any assistance with buying couplings, don't hesitate to contact our telephone sales teams, who are knowledgeable and always ready to help. At Simply Bearings, we offer generous discounts when you buy several of an item - so with parts such as tyres, that do eventually wear out, it may be worth buying a batch and keeping them in the store room for when they're needed.


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