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FRAS D Section Anti Static Fire Resistant Wrapped V-Belts 32x19mm

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FRAS D Section Anti-Static Fire Resistant Wrapped V-Belts 32mm x 19mm

In safety-critical operations, one of the risks that has to be controlled is the occurrence of sparks or fire when a belt slips.

These FRAS D section anti-static fire resistant wrapped V belts 32x19mm have been designed for spark prevention and should fire occur, they are also fire resistant. The belts are used in a diverse range of applications, including equipment such as generators, mixers, blowers, pumps and crushers.

They're found in industries such as automotive, textiles, construction and agriculture and also in industrial applications which are hazardous and involve heavy duty operations, such as petrochemicals and mining. These often require continuous running, which these belts can provide safely.

Properties and construction

Most people have heard of neoprene, which has the chemical name polychloroprene. These belts are wrapped in this material, because it is a synthesised rubber that can maintain flexibility in both extreme heat and cold, therefore helping the belt to resist cracking. The rubber is also chemically stable.

The desirable glow time for fire resistant belts is under five seconds. These PIX FRAS D section anti-static fire resistant wrapped V belts 32x19mm can exceed that target. They are tested for fire resistance and are certified by ATEX, which is the regulatory framework in Europe for equipment being used in explosive atmospheres. They will not emit flammable substances when in operation.

ISO 1813 is the protocol for antistatic performance, and these belts perform at 10 to 15 times better than the maximum values specified in the standard.

Because of their robustness and resistance to cracking, these belts will operate smoothly over a very long operational life. Their operating temperature range is from -25?C to +100?C, so they meet international heat resistance standards, and they also resist oil.

Belt dimensions

The belts have an inside length of 240.95 mm and an outside length of 243 mm. The datum length is 243 mm. The profile means that the belt depth is 19 mm and its width is 32 mm.

If you're not sure which belt to order, don't hesitate to phone our friendly and knowledgeable team who are always ready to help with queries. You can order in confidence, knowing that Simply Bearings' no-quibble returns policy means that you can easily return or exchange the item. With free UK delivery on orders, and options for next day and same day delivery, we aim to have the right product with you, quickly and efficiently.


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