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Feeler Gauges

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Feeler Gauges

Simply Bearings stocks a comprehensive range of feeler gauges for clearance measurement and the adjustment of bearings. We are proud to have gained a reputation as the UK's first port of call for all things related to bearings, from common everyday components to specially engineered and hard-to-find parts. Our extensive stock sees use every day in every branch of industry across the country. We firmly believe that we can provide the precise component you require.

Feeler gauges are used to measure internal clearance when fitting, installing and adjusting tapered roller bearings. These bearings have a tapered bore and are mounted using an interference fit on the seat of their shaft. The degree of interference of the fit is measured and adjusted as a function of the "drive-up, or axial displacement, of the inner ring from its seat, or the reduction in internal radial clearance.

Measurement of axial drive-up of the tapered seat is preferred and is simpler for deducing the interference of larger bearings. For smaller roller cylindrical bearings, measuring the reduction in internal radial clearance is preferred. When considering operations with high speeds, elevated temperatures or heavy loads, large radial internal clearance is advisable because of the effects of heat and pressure differentials between the outer and inner rings.

Internal clearance is measured using feeler gauges. This tool features a series of blades, all of which have a different thickness. The feeler is inserted between the inner or outer ring and the bearings. The gauge is moved back and forth from this position until it can comfortably be inserted down into the middle of the roller.

Our stock predominantly features feeler gauges designed and manufactured by SKF, a Swedish firm with an excellent reputation for exacting standards of quality and precision engineering. Every SKF feeler gauge sold by us sees application across industry, including car and motorcycle repairs, electric motor manufacturing, garden and agricultural machinery, and transmission tuning.

Our product range includes feeler gauge instruments with a variety of blades of different numbers and thicknesses to ensure that you find a product that is perfectly suited to your needs. To help you narrow down your selection of our stock, try specifying your requirements using the drop-down menus and you'll be presented with everything we have that meets your specifications.

We offer free delivery via second-class mail, expedited next-day delivery for more urgent cases, and many more postage and packing options. We always put you first, so if you have any problems with your SKF feeler gauge, just send it back to us in its original condition within 90 days and we'll refund you immediately - no questions asked.


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