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Flat Washers

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Flat Washers

It's a humble piece of hardware that most people don't usually give much thought to, but you'll find washers used in all kinds of mechanical installations and construction situations. Placed beneath the head of a bolt or a nut, washers offer a smooth bearing surface. They're used to distribute the load of a nut and bolt fastening over a wider area, thus making it more secure. They can also be used to make small adjustments to fixings by inserting extra washers and increasing the gap between a nut or bolt and another surface. Having a washer beneath the head of the fastening makes for a neater finish where fastenings are on display too.

At Simply Bearings, you'll find we stock a wide selection of both light and heavy duty flat washers suitable for a range of different tasks. Whether you choose light duty flat washers or heavy ones, they are zinc-plated to ensure long life and good corrosion resistance.

Whether you want light duty flat washers or heavy duty flat washers, it's easy to find what you need on our website. Use the drop-down lists on the page to choose the type of washer you want, and then go on to select the size. We offer metric and imperial sizes with external diameters from 7mm up to 54mm and internal from 3mm up to one inch. Thicknesses range from half a millimetre to four millimetres. If you need help ordering, our professional and friendly customer services team are always on the end of the phone ready to help. As always, we're happy to supply small orders and price breaks are available for larger quantities.

Delivery by second class post is free on all orders, but if you want your order faster you can select first class or courier options at the website checkout. We can supply orders from customers overseas as well as those in the UK, and delivery options are low-cost - just select what you need during the checkout process. As with all of our products at Simply Bearings, you can order your washers with confidence, knowing that you're covered by our 90-day money-back guarantee.


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