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Floraself Strimmer Parts

Strimmers are a great tool for trimming verges and finishing off the parts of the lawn that the lawnmower can't deal with - around trees and heavy garden furniture or near paths. And if things have got really out of hand, they make a quick job of undergrowth so that you can weed or mow more easily.

If you find that the strimmer line keeps breaking, it's probably because it's too thin. You'll need a thicker line to cope with rampant weeds or very tough growth.

These strimmer spool accessories will help you to maintain the strimmer in peak condition. The spooled strimmer line comes in a range of thicknesses to deal with different types of lawn and garden job. In addition to the Floraself strimmer spools and cutting lines, you can get replacement head assemblies, spool retaining bolts, spool covers and complete spool holder kits.

So whether you have to replace a broken strimmer part or simply want a spare to be on the safe side, you can be assured that Floraself strimmer spools and cutting lines have a great reputation for quality.

Floraself IK300

The Floraself IK300 Grass Strimmer Spool & Line is suitable for the GT380DA model and comparable to 13005001. It has 2 x 4 metre lengths of blue strimmer line which is 1.5mm thick.

Floraself FL229

The Floraself FL229 strimmer spool and line has 2 x 5 metre lengths of blue strimmer line with a thickness of 1.5mm. You can use these Floraself strimmer parts with the GT480DV model.

Floraself HL001

This strimmer spool and line is available in 2 X 3 metre lengths and is green. It's a 2mm line - somewhat thicker so it will cope with rougher work than the 1.5mm line models. These Floraself strimmer parts are suitable for use with the following Floraself strimmers: BT1035, BT1038, BT1040.

There's nothing worse than working away to get the garden ready for an event, or because you've booked a staycation, then finding the strimmer line or another part has broken. Luckily, our standard UK delivery is not only free, it's fast too. If you need guaranteed next-day or even same-day delivery, we can also arrange that. We ship overseas too, and all you have to do is to enter the destination when you're checking out - we'll calculate the cost and add it to your basket total. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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