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Gang Disc Harrow Square to Round Bore Bearings

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Gang Disc Harrow Square to Round Bore Bearings

Disc harrow bearings are components you don't want to skimp on - only the best will do. They toil through mile after mile of the toughest kinds of terrain, buffeted by torques and stresses in all directions, while constantly bombarded with debris of every sort, from fine dust to freezing mud to airborne flints. In between they are often left exposed to the elements and stationary for long periods of time.

A corroded, cracked or worn bearing can not only result in more extensive wear to other more expensive components such as the axle and the discs, but will most likely result in impaired soil-turning performance with a consequent loss in yield across an entire farm that is hard to even estimate.

Our range of four gang and two gang disc harrow square to round bore bearings are the best on the market and designed to serve you well mile after mile. They are ruggedly constructed with a spherical outer raceway and a round to square bore, the inner race extending wider than the outer raceway. A fairly standard size for these bearings in agricultural use is 22.5mm (inner diameter) but check your old bearing, manual or manufacturer to be sure of what you need (gangs with square axles are sometimes imperial sized rather than metric). We carry a good range of round and square bearings to accommodate almost any make or model of tillage machinery. If you don't see it listed, please ask.

We strongly recommend changing all the bearings on your gangs at the same time. Changing one at a time just multiplies the number of times you'll have to disassemble, and in any case, by the time you notice wear affecting one you should expect others to be approaching a similar condition.

Our gang disc harrow square to round bore bearings do not require regular greasing once in situ - their lubrication is efficiently contained within the sealed raceways and should last for the lifetime of the bearing. Internal damage is minimised by this high shock load protection and the high-grade metal casing. Full technical specifications are packaged with the product.

Here at Simply Bearings we are proud of our superlative customer service. Order safely online in complete confidence. All our gang disc harrow square to round bore bearings qualifies for free delivery throughout the UK and low shipping costs if you're ordering from abroad. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we operate a full 90 day no quibble refund policy providing goods are still in an unsoiled condition.


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