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Work Gloves

Working gloves are important in many professions, and at Simply Bearings we stock a wide range of tough, durable and comfortable products which will protect your hands effectively and affordably. You can buy our gloves online and get them delivered to your door in the UK, with great prices and excellent customer service always available to our customers.

For particularly specialised purposes, our extreme temperature work gloves are a good investment and come in a range of sizes to allow anyone to handle hot tools, parts and components for extended periods without being injured. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge materials and coatings, including Kevlar, these heat resistant gloves can stand up to temperatures of 500 degrees. They are also sturdy enough to avoid punctures and abrasions from occurring, delivering an additional layer of safety.

If you simply need general oil resistant gloves which can also manage well in high-temperature scenarios of up to 120 degrees Celsius, we stock products which are ideal for such circumstances. They will not only prevent oil and heat from penetrating the material but will also ensure that your ability to grip items is not compromised even if they are heavily lubricated. So for everything from car repairs to large machinery maintenance, they will be eminently effective.

At Simply Bearings we also offer all-purpose work gloves which are inexpensive and built to last, with a grip-boosting coating applied along with a non-flammable exterior. These gloves are more flexible than their costlier counterparts, ensuring maximum dexterity can be enjoyed by the wearer. And with the ability to counteract the effects of movements and impacts which might normally lead to tearing and cuts, they should be able to last through hundreds of hours of use without needing to be replaced.

Some see work gloves as a disposable item which is not worthy of much investment, but with the products on sale here at Simply Bearings you will be able to buy the perfect pair for your profession and keep using them for as long as you like, thanks to the quality, care and workmanship which have gone into their production.


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