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Industrial Greases

Welcome to Simply Bearings, the home of quality bearings, seals and transmission products for the automotive, manufacturing, engineering and other industries. We are one of the UK's largest specialist bearings retailers and have a loyal following of thousands of customers thanks to our broad product offer, excellent service, and quality business. When you buy from Simply Bearings, you will notice the difference - and hopefully come back for more!

Industrial greases and lubrication

We sell a range of industrial lubrication products for all needs, whether you run a large operational plant or need to keep your bike well lubricated at home. All our products are carefully reviewed and chosen to represent excellent value for money and high performance from big brand suppliers; what's more, you can read full and unbiased reviews of our industrial greases and lubrication products from our customers.

WD40 is the original form of lubricating grease spray. It helps to clean paint from paint brushes, to protect and clean brushed metal, to stop slugs climbing up garden planters, and to lubricate garden tools; in fact, this industrial lubrication product has endless uses and is perfect for domestic and commercial applications alike. We sell WD40 in the smaller 100ml size and the classic 200ml size.

The SKF LGMT2 35g tube of general purpose industrial and automotive grease is an excellent-value and all-round greasing solution from the ever-popular SKF brand. It is made from lithium soap, which is based on mineral oil, and is thickened to the right consistency for usage with grease. The product has superior thermal stability and can be used from -30?C to +120?C. It is ideal for a broad spectrum of automotive and industrial applications in addition to domestic use. The key benefits include excellent stability and resistance to oxidisation, rust minimisation properties, water repelling properties, and sound mechanical stability.

Why choose Simply Bearings ?

We work hard to offer our customers a top-quality experience and keep quality at the heart of everything we do. We have maintained our ISO9001 accreditation with 100 per cent compliance since we applied for the standard in 2011 and continue to invest in our operation, from our website through to staff training.

We offer free delivery on all orders - where permitted by Royal Mail according to its aerosols carrier legislation - and a no-hassle, no-quibble 90-day returns guarantee. We stock over 35,000 items and regularly add new products to our inventory; however, if you can't find what you are looking for, please contact our helpful customer services team and we will be delighted to assist. Please also contact us if you would like to set up a trade credit account for large and repeat orders.


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