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Greenhouse Spare Parts

Most modern greenhouses are made from cost-effective and easily assembled materials such as kit-assembled aluminium and clip-on glazing. They are excellent value and will provide good growing environments and plant protection for many years if properly maintained.

Slipping or broken glazing is probably the most common fault in greenhouses. Without secure glazing you cannot protect your plants from insect pests, rodents, damp, draughts or airborne infectious moulds or maintain energy-efficient climate control inside the greenhouse. Mowers, strimmers and clumsy internal storage of tools and boxes are a common cause of glazing faults, as are gusty winter winds. One of our most popular greenhouse spares is therefore our replacement greenhouse clips - hooked lap clips and wire sprung clips.

Sliding doors are another potential source of problems. Pebbles and grit can derail the nylon wheels in door assemblies or cause gradual wear that makes them run less than smoothly. Simply Bearings' collection of greenhouse spare parts therefore includes greenhouse sliding door nylon wheels and assembly kits. A 22mm diameter is a common size, but check yours before ordering. If you find you need a size not currently listed, we will be happy to locate some for you.

The whole point of a greenhouse is climate control. Depending on your choice of plants and whether you use your greenhouse for winter protection or spring germination, you will make arrangements to keep the environment sufficiently warm in winter and cool in summer. A reliable and timely supply of greenhouse spare parts is essential to ensure both that you get maximum growing benefit from your greenhouse and that you do it at the most energy-efficient and economical price.

Whether you have invested in expensive heaters, fans, timers and thermostats or not, manually fixed shades and insulation are a common-sense way of gaining benefits and minimising bills. Our greenhouse spare parts catalogue therefore includes packs of shading or insulation fixers. The same product can be used with a range of common shading and insulating materials.

In the UK, many of us struggle to find free time to spend in the garden that coincides with decent weather to be out in, so at Simply Bearings we understand the importance of prompt delivery of replacement greenhouse clips, door mechanisms, insulation clips and all other greenhouse spares. We therefore provide free same-day dispatch of most items to UK destinations and also provide express international delivery options at very moderate shipping rates.


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