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HTD Rounded Tooth Profile 5 mm Pitch

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HTD Rounded Tooth Profile 5 mm Pitch

Synchronous drive rounded toothed belts allow power transmission between rotating shafts. The "HTD" in the HTD rounded tooth profile 5mm pitch belt stands for "High Torque Drive", and these belts really deliver on their name.

They have a huge range of uses in the automotive, food, packaging, medical equipment and textile industries, among others. And when engineers are designing a custom application, they are a great choice because they are an economical and effective way to transmit both power and torque in a one-off design.

Where there are challenges in the application - such as belts operating at fast speeds - synchronous drive belts are the ideal solution. They don't deform easily and have great resistance to fatigue, adding up to a very robust operating performance. There's no lubrication or other maintenance, so they deliver reliability without the need for attention from operators.

Why Use a Round-Toothed Belt?

These HTD belts have round teeth and are ideal for power transmission or rotary linear positioning applications - the belt's teeth mesh with the spaces on the pulleys. But why use an HTD rounded tooth profile 5mm pitch belt rather than the more common trapezoidal or wedge profile belts, such as the XH?

One reason is that they can have better tooth engagement. The special profile of both belt teeth and pulley teeth gives very precise synchronous operation and optimal tension and power distribution. This means that they can be very effective at preventing "skipping" (tooth jump), which makes them ideal for timing and positioning operations.


The pitch is the measurement between the top of one tooth and the top of the next. For these belts, the pitch is 5mm. The belts are sized in millimetres, with a belt width of 9-25 mm and a belt depth of 3-6 mm. There is a correlation between the number of teeth and the length: you can select either and the other measurement will be displayed. Belt lengths range from 225mm to 2525mm, and the number of teeth from 45 to 505.

The belts are "major brand - high quality", which means they are supplied by leading manufacturers such as Continental, Good Year, Pix, Optibelt, Megadyne, SWR or SKF.

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