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HTD Timing Belt Pulleys - 3M, 5M, 8M and 14M HTD Pulleys

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HTD Timing Belt Pulley

Timing belt pulleys are extremely versatile components which are therefore found in a wide variety of applications, from vehicle engines to workplace tools and equipment. The choice of a pulley is determined by the pitch and width of the belt required and the number of teeth determines the drive ratio in the application it is to be used.

Other important considerations include the choice of material from which the timing belt pulley drive system is made. Options are generally steel or aluminium and, in some cases, plastic versions are available. Each material can offer different benefits, such as low maintenance requirements, quieter performance, low inertia and durability. The chosen application for a timing belt pulley will largely dictate the choice of materials, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity or exposure to oils, gases or debris will naturally make some materials more suitable than others.

Here at Simply Bearings, our comprehensive catalogue includes a wide range of timing belt pulleys, including HTD timing belt pulleys in a variety of specifications. So, whatever your chosen application, you can be sure of finding the ideal product when you order from us.


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