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Homelite Strimmer Parts

Homelite Corporation was founded in New York in 1921, later moving to South Carolina. Its original products were generators, which were used to supply electricity to many rural farming communities for the first time. The company then branched out into chainsaws, for which it became famous. The lightweight magnesium chainsaws used by Bruce Campbell throughout the Evil Dead movie franchise came from Homelite.

Homelite has been making a wide range of garden strimmers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers since the 1970s and continues to do so today. The company subsequently became a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries, which has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Homelite strimmer spools and strimmer spool head assemblies vary considerably in design from model to model. The products in our catalogue list the models compatible with our replacement Homelite strimmer parts as exhaustively as possible; however, if you have any difficulties identifying compatible parts, you can call our customer service line for help.

Due to the high quality of older American-made Homelite products, many discontinued models are still in service. If you need help to identify or locate parts for a veteran model, again our customer service department is expert at tracking down hard-to-find items.

Strimmer consumables

Replacement strimmer cutting line can usually be loaded into a strimmer either by winding more line into the empty spool or by replacing the spool completely with a full one.

Although Homelite strimmer spools and strimmer spool head assemblies come in several mutually-incompatible sizes and designs, some Homelite strimmer parts are designed to be as universally compatible as possible; for example, the hexagonal bump-feed strimmer heads and lines can be fitted into almost any hexagonal headed strimmer of a similar size (16mm is typical), using a similar line-feed means of operation.

Homelite cutting lines are available for reloading into spent spools if you wish to undertake this process. Most Homelite spools use two cutting lines, which are independently wound onto the spool. If inserting fresh cutting line, it is very important to wind it neatly onto the spool. Crossed or mis-threaded lines will contribute to line feed issues.

Homelite cutting lines are also compatible with many other makes and models. Some petrol-driven Homelite strimmer spool head assemblies are tolerant of cutting lines in a variety of different weights (thickness). Check with your manual before considering replacing line with a different thickness to ensure your model will be tolerant of the extra weight. Lighter models can lose some rotational power with heavier line, and spool heads may not feed line effectively.

Full replacement head assemblies and spool holder kits complete with spool covers and sets of retaining bolts are also available.


Homelite strimmer parts can be despatched to all destinations worldwide at very economical rates, with same day or next morning shipping in most cases. Express delivery services are also available.


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