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Hurricane Strimmer Parts

A number of garden vacuums, chainsaws, trimmers and strimmers are badged Hurricane. The grass trimmer range includes both gas/petrol-powered and cordless electrical models, some using flexible cutting lines and others replaceable nylon blades.

Servicing in the UK and Europe is often dealt with at Ikra outlets; however, Hurricane strimmer parts, including Hurricane strimmer spools and Hurricane cutting lines, are fairly generic and inter-compatible with parts supplied for a variety of other brands, including some models from Qualcast, Worx, ALM, Grass Gator, and Al-Ko.

Hurricane model and part designations are sometimes prefixed with an H (for Hurricane). Generally speaking, an HRT4350 and an RT4350 are equivalent and the same spares fit; however, if you are in any doubt about identification of compatible Hurricane strimmer parts, just call our customer service line for confirmation.

Hurricane cutting lines

The flexible cutting line or lines used in most lightweight strimmers is intended to wear down in use. It is a consumable, so it makes sense to keep spare line or pre-loaded spools ready to replace into your appliance when needed.

Strimmers are designed to make removal and replacement of the cassette spool as easy as possible, so most people choose to stock up with spare pre-loaded spools; however, it is also possible to re-load cutting line into depleted ones. We have reels of spare line suitable for Hurricane and other strimmers available on other pages of our website but be aware that installing new line can be a fairly fiddly job in some models - especially those that use twin lines or have bump-feed mechanisms.

Always use the same gauge of cutting line and avoid crossing the line as you wind it onto the spool. Crossed line in the spool makes interruptions in line feed more likely.

Hurricane strimmer spools

Replacing a spool cassette is usually very easy. Always begin by ensuring your device cannot be accidentally powered on while you are servicing it. This applies equally to all strimmers and trimmers whether mains, battery or petrol driven.

In most models you begin by pulling off the spool cap - some pull straight out, while a few are twist-locked - or by depressing a plastic tab that holds the assembly in place. Spools are then easily lifted out.

Installing the new one is only slightly more complicated. The end of the cutting line or lines must be threaded through eyelets in the head assembly, and usually the line must be released from catches in the edge of the cassette. These are used simply to keep hold of the line in transit.

Remember to replace your spool cap and check it isn't cracked or worn. Spool covers are frequently lost, but Simply Bearings has replacements readily available for all models.


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