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Husqvarna Chainsaw Parts

When you're buying a new chain for a chainsaw, it may seem that buying the right brand - Husqvarna chainsaw parts, for example - is the key thing. However, it is important to check the size accurately and to make sure that your Husqvarna model is listed among those that are appropriate for each size of Husqvarna chainsaw chains.

Chainsaws - Measuring the Pitch and the Drive Links

The distance between any two rivets on Husqvarna chainsaw chains is the pitch. This is very often a distance of 3/8 inch - and handily, the pitch size is generally displayed on the guide bar of the chainsaw. You'll also see it in the specification under the product description on the Husqvarna chainsaw spares listings.

The chain parts that fit into the bar are known as the drive links, and the number of links determines the length of the chain. If you realise, when you look at the Husqvarna chainsaw parts, that you don't know the chain length for your chainsaw, you can always count the links and check against the specifications and part numbers on the product listings. (If you see references to the gauge, this means the thickness of the drive links.)

Husqvarna Chainsaw Parts

These are available for several different bar lengths, as listed below:

The BC045 and CH045 chainsaw chains will fit 30cm bar Husqvarna models.

The CH052 chainsaw chain will fit 35cm bar Husqvarna models.

The CH055, CH056, CH064 and CH066 chainsaw chains will fit 40cm bar Husqvarna models.

The CH060 and CH072 chains will fit 45cm bar models.

The CH472 chain will fit 46cm bar models

Safe Chainsaw Working

In Britain, all chainsaws and parts have to meet rigorous safety standards, and these Husqvarna chainsaw spares are no exception. We all know that working with a chainsaw can be dangerous, and that's why safety gear is recommended - in fact, it's mandatory in commercial operations. If you're using the chainsaw for domestic jobs, don't compromise on safety - you're no less likely to have an accident, unfortunately.

Protective clothing has saved many limbs, so safety boots with strongly reinforced toes are an essential precaution. A helmet will protect your head if a branch falls unexpectedly, and ear defenders will protect you from ongoing noise damaging your hearing. It's sensible to use chainsaw trousers too.

Our friendly and helpful telephone team can advise on sizing for safety gear, but don't forget that we also have a 90-day no-quibble returns policy. If you find that something doesn't fit or isn't suitable, you can return it to us for a refund.


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