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Imperial Tapered Locking Bushes

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Imperial Tapered Locking Bushes

Tapered locking bushes are a key component when you want to mount a mechanical drive element and they are also used in synchronous, roller chain and V-belt drives. Choose from our wide range of imperial sized tapered locking bushes, to help you position pulleys, sprockets and other kinds of transmission hubs and to ensure that the fastening to the shaft is secure.

With imperial sized tapered locking bushes, you can quickly and easily select the bore, outside diameter and width of the part you need, using the drop-down lists on this page. Bore sizes are from 3/8 of an inch (9.53 mm) to 5 inches (127 mm). The outside diameter measurements available are from 35.2 mm to 177.8 mm. Widths available are 22.3 mm to 127 mm.

Installation of these parts is straightforward, as is removal of the parts for maintenance or replacement.

To install imperial tapered locking bushes, first clean all parts of the bushing and the hub bore. Install the bush into the hub matching up half holes to make complete holes - each complete hole will get threaded only on one side.

Oil each end of the set screws, under the head of the cap screws and the threads. Put the screws loosely into the holes that are threaded on the side where the hub is. Check that the bushing is free inside the harbour. Slip the assembly onto the shaft and line it up in the required position. Tighten the screws alternately and evenly until the point where the part has tightened.

Use a block and hammer to tap the large end of the bushing around the perimeter (tap inwards).

Tighten the screws up again but be careful to use the correct torque. Carry on until the screws are no longer turning. To prevent future build-up of dirt, fill any cap screw heads or holes with grease.

A quick way to identify the size of the imperial tapered locking bushes you need, is to use the four digit code. The first two numbers are the maximum bore size and the second two numbers are the bushing length.

If you have any queries about these parts, ring our helpful staff who will be able to answer your queries and make sure you get the correct part.


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