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Klippo Strimmer Parts

The Swedes must really enjoy lawns. Klippo is yet another gardening brand that began as an independent Swedish company. When the Klippo company began building lawnmowers there in 1954, their selling point was that they were made of aluminium, making them lightweight and rust-proof. Rumour has it their mowers were so well built that many are still in service today.

Like other Swedish garden equipment companies, Klippo eventually became part of the Husqvarna group, which still uses the brand name. The Husqvarna group has plants and subsidiaries throughout the world, so although a Klippo logo is no guarantee your mower or Klippo strimmer parts were made in Sweden, it is nevertheless a badge of good quality. Husqvarna source their components only from quality manufacturers like Briggs & Stratton or Honda.

The Klippo website (only available in Swedish) still boasts that your children will probably inherit your Klippo mowers, strimmers and gardening equipment because of their excellent build quality.

Strimmer Maintenance

If you want that Klippo to live as long as you do, you'll want to look after it properly and only fit approved Klippo strimmer spools containing Klippo strimmer cutting lines. At Simply Bearings we share this philosophy and always source consumables and parts from original manufacturers whenever possible. Sometimes you might find cheaper - but not better.

As well as Klippo strimmer cutting lines and spools, we can locate any other Klippo strimmer parts you might need, including entire head assemblies, caps, triggers, plugs or retaining bolts. Enquire on our customer service number for help identifying the part or consumable you require.

Changing Klippo Strimmer Spools

Although some people reload spent cassettes with new cutting line, it can be a fiddly operation, and if you don't get it right you could have problems with your line feed. We can supply suitable Klippo strimmer cutting lines if you wish to do this, but most owners opt to store a supply of pre-loaded Klippo strimmer spools, ready to drop in when needed.

As with most strimmer brands, replacing Klippo strimmer spools takes just a minute. However, your first concern should always be safety - so make sure you have isolated the power and the appliance cannot accidentally power up while you are attending to it.

Spool covers pop off with just a squeeze or twist, allowing you to remove the empty cassette. When you drop in the replacement, remember to free the two lines from the pleats that secure them in transit and thread them through the eyelets in the housing. Then simply push the cap back on. Job done.

As It Says on Klippo's Website?

?A Klippo is a hard thing that likes to work. The fact that Klippo has now gone for 60 years does not change anything fundamentally - rather the opposite. Klippo continues to do what it should. You bought [it] because you believe in machines that do what they promise?.


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