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Light Range Zinc Plated Steel Jubilee Clips

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Light Range Zinc Plated Steel Jubilee Clips

A selection of Jubilee clips is a staple of any well-equipped tool kit. They are the most frequent solution for attaching hoses in cars and other engines but also have a 101 other uses, including supporting ducts, attaching signage and tidying cable runs.

In cramped spaces, lighter and narrower Jubilee clips are often much easier to fit and to access for removal when necessary. Light range zinc plated steel Jubilee clips use a band that is only 9.9mm wide. Their screw assemblies are never more than 12.5mm in width and will stand high of the hose or other enclosed object by only a centimetre. The steel bands are in the region of 0.762mm thick.

To improve access even further in tight spaces, Simply Bearings stocks a Jubilee flexidriver tool that comfortably fits the 7mm screws used in these clips.

These components are made from mild steel that is zinc-plated to improve both surface hardness and corrosion resistance. Zinc acts as a sacrificial anode, thereby preventing oxidation or rust damage to the steel beneath it. Zinc-plated clips are also more economical than the alternative 304 stainless steel range of Jubilee clips (see other sections of the catalogue for these) and therefore come in packets of two, whereas steel clips are usually priced individually.

This gauge of clip is also often chosen when a light total construction weight is important, such as in aeronautical applications.

The lower weight and narrower construction of light range zinc plated steel jubilee clips has only a moderate impact on their pressure resistance, and the torque and pressure characteristics remain adequate for the majority of applications. Across most of the range of sizes you will find the maximum recommended torque to be in the region of 4.5 Nm. Larger clips can generally take a higher torque but are nevertheless recommended for lower-pressure applications. Small-diameter clips will safely hold hose pressures up to around 180psi, whereas at bore sizes of 160mm that pressure tolerance can drop to only 17psi.

The maximum diameters (band length) of these clips currently range from approximately 16mm up to 160mm. If you require clips of this type outside this range of sizes, Simply Bearings are happy to source them for you. Clips with different fitting constructions (for example, quick-release clips) are available in other sections. Screw housings can also be purchased separately, and steel bandings are available in rolls for cutting to length as required.

There is approximately 10mm play when adjusting the diameter of the smallest clips, rising to about 20mm for the larger sizes.

All our Jubilee clips are top-quality clips from Jubilee themselves: the original and the best.


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