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Loose Balls and Cages

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Bike Loose Balls & Cages

If you want to enjoy the best possible ride, then it is likely that maintaining your bike will be an important part of your cycling hobby or commute. A key element for bike maintenance is to ensure that any loose balls or cages or in optimum condition.

Bike balls and cages have a vital role to play in the effective working of your bicycle. That is because these items fall under the category of bearings - in other words, the components which make all of the essential cycling operations possible. Indeed, steering, pedalling, and the motion of the drivetrain are all made possible by the inclusion of these small but essential parts.

Loose balls are a popular type of bearings and are also commonly known as a cup and cone set up. This type of bearing has been used successfully by cyclists for many decades, and offers advantages such as easy maintenance and replacement, as well as being angular contact bearings, which provide their own advantages. They are also a very versatile option, with lower specification bikes using them for all areas where bearings are required, from pedals to headsets and bottom brackets. They work to a high standard when well adjusted, thanks to their smooth machined finish. Cages are frequently used to contain the loose balls, which can again deliver consistent performance and a long lifespan.

The size of the cage or loose balls needed for your bike will depend on your intended application. Loose balls come in a wide range of sizes, measured in fractions of an inch. Here at Simply Bearings, we carry a comprehensive selection of loose balls and cages, so whatever you need to do in order to maintain your bike, you will be sure to find it when you shop with us. Our product range comes from the best manufacturers, which means the items you buy from us will always be of the finest quality available.

Furthermore, you can look forward to a positive experience whenever you shop with us. At Simply Bearings, we offer free delivery for orders of over £5, with orders placed before 4pm being shipped the very same day. We also offer a No Quibble Returns guarantee, allowing you to order from us with total peace of mind.


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