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Lynx Strimmer Parts

Every year, as summer approaches, we seem to get a combination of longer days, rain showers and sunshine that makes everything in the garden shoot up - especially weeds! The strimmer is an invaluable tool for keeping all this growth under control. Sticking to the same basic design it has had since it was invented, this handy piece of equipment will not only trim borders and edges but also scythe down weeds and vegetation and make a neat finish around trees and garden statues.

Strimming safely

Lynx strimmer parts will help with the job; in addition, you may need some safety gear, such as goggles or even a visor to protect your eyes when strimming. This is because sharp bits of stalk and twig can be thrown up, and weeds such as nettles can hurtle through the air and sting you. Luckily we also stock these, so you may like to take a look before you complete your shopping. Don't forget to wear boots or reasonably stout shoes.

To strim safely, it also helps to know whether the strimmer is rotating from right to left or left to right as you look down at it. This will give you an indication of where the debris will go when you are strimming. Make sure you strim in the opposite direction if possible so that you get a clean cut and the debris is left behind you as you move along.

For very heavily overgrown areas, a scything motion may be the best method. There are people who swear by hand scything, but a strimmer is certainly a safer option.

Lynx strimmer parts

Lynx strimmer cutting lines and Lynx strimmer spools are both available. The PD250 is a fairly lightweight 1.3mm line suitable for most garden jobs, although it may not be up to very heavily overgrown areas. These Lynx strimmer cutting lines come in a generous length - you get two lines, each 3.5m long. The lines are supplied with Lynx strimmer spools and are suitable for the Lynx GLT300.

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