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MXL Profile Wedge Toothed Belts 2.03mm (0.08 inch) Pitch

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MXL Profile Wedge Toothed Belts 2.03mm (0.08 inch) Pitch

Toothed belts are used across a wide range of mechanical applications. These timing belts are designed to perform precision movements without going out of synch. At Simply Bearings we stock a comprehensive selection of MXL profile wedge toothed belts 2mm pitch to 22mm pitch, enabling you to find the exact size for your application.

Our wedge toothed belts have a range of advantages. You can have bespoke solutions that are both effective and economical while creating a fully synchronised drive. These belts are also highly resistant to fatigue, deformation and extremes of temperature, giving the user a maintenance-free experience and high service reliability.

Thanks to their high degree of flexibility, these synchronous MXL profile wedge toothed belts 2mm pitch are even suitable for drive trains with challenging requirements such as high belt speeds, high transmission ratios and small pulley diameters. This is due to the way the teeth are designed to mesh seamlessly with a toothed pulley, ensuring no slippage can occur.

Our wedge toothed belts are supplied by renowned brands like Goodyear, Continental and Optibelt. This guarantees high standards of manufacture, quality and reliability and belts that provide the high horsepower and high rating capacity to effectively and efficiently transmit drive power and eliminate the misalignment that can put an end to inferior belts. Our MXL profile wedge toothed belts 2mm pitch and above are available for same-day or free next-day delivery anywhere in the UK. Need international shipping? Our rates are low: just select your items and let the smart cart do the rest.

Whether you need a wedge toothed belt for a high-powered motorcycle transmission or other timing belt application, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be pleased to advise you on the profile you require for a particular installation. If you need to know more, then contact us on 01942 269 837 Monday to Friday 8am to 5.30pm for customer support from the UK's number one supplier of bearings and transmission belts.

At Simply Bearings, we believe the customer is king, which is why we offer a 90-day quibble-free 100% money-back guarantee on all our millions of products. If we don't get it right, or you're unhappy with the quality of our products or service, then simply return the items to us in their original packaging and we'll give you your money back, with no questions asked.


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