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Macallister Lawn Mower Parts

The Macallister brand name belongs to the Kingfisher Group, whose main UK outlets are B&Q and Screwfix. Despite its budget branding and affordable price point, it has a reputation for good performance and reliability. Kingfisher has invested heavily in the brand and has won awards for innovative design for its Macallister mowers and other tools from the Macallister range.

The jury of the Observer du Design awarded two winner labels to Kingfisher products in 2016 for a Macallister mower with sliding handles and a Macallister badged hammer drill with built-in lighting.

The mower range includes both electric and petrol-driven models. Simply Bearings can find you the appropriate cables and trigger switches for electric models or filters and spark plugs for petrol-driven mowers. Some Macallister lawn mower parts are intended to wear down in use and be replaced, such as the cutting blade. Replacing the cutting blade regularly will both improve the quality of your mowing and extend the life of the mower itself.

A key design objective that Kingfisher set for its Macallister range was ease of use; consequently, Macallister lawn mower blades and other Macallister lawn mower parts are straightforward to adjust or replace. You will find Macallister lawn mower blade height spacers and replacement Macallister mower blades in this section of the Simply Bearings catalogue.

Replacing Macallister lawn mower blades

The same blades are used in a variety of different models, including some unbadged Macallister. If in doubt, call our customer service line for advice; however, in general, you should be able to identify the appropriate blade simply by measuring the length - tip to tip - of the one you are replacing. Lengths vary from 33cm up to 42cm.

First, ensure the mower cannot power on while you are handling the underside. Remove the batteries from cordless models and cables from mains-powered models. You can take the opportunity to remove the spark plug from petrol mowers, which is both a safety measure and an opportunity to inspect, clean or replace it.

While releasing the retaining bolts, make a point of noticing the orientation of the blade. Be sure to refit the new one in the same direction.

Macallister lawn mower blade height spacers

Some Macallister mowers use spacers to adjust the height and angle at which the mower blade attacks the grass. Over time these become worn or may get damaged or lost. Each time you check your mower cutting blade, remember to check the height spacers. Since they are inexpensive parts, it makes sense to replace the spacers and cutting blade at the same time.

Other Macallister spares

You will find a full range of line caps and cartridges for Macallister-badged strimmers and replacement chains for its chainsaw range in other sections of the catalogue. Call our customer service line at any time for help identifying Macallister lawn mower parts or spares for Macallister rakers, strimmers, chainsaws and hand tools.


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