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Neckermann Strimmer Parts

Did you know that the strimmer was invented by a Texan? George Ballas fixed some fishing line to a lawn edger and found that he could cut the weeds in his yard using this machine. Thanks to him, everyone who has a garden with borders, edging or wild patches can now reach for a strimmer.

We stock a great range of Neckermann strimmer parts, including Neckermann strimmer cutting lines and Neckermann strimmer spools. When you have chosen your strimmer parts, why not take a look at our safety gear? We have visors and eye protectors that can prevent bits of stalk, grass and weeds flying into your eyes. Similarly, a pair of gloves with a good grip can prevent accidental dropping of the strimmer and reduce vibration and blisters if you need to use the tool for an extended period.

Neckermann strimmer parts

These include Neckermann strimmer cutting lines, such as the 7m long, 1.5mm line. 1.5mm line will handle most garden jobs and these lines come loaded onto the Neckermann strimmer spools. The PP300 line and spool will fit the RT4001-Tricutstrimmer model.

Using the strimmer to best effect

It is worth taking a look at whether your strimmer model rotates clockwise or anticlockwise when it is running, as this makes a difference as to where the cut grass or weeds will fly out from the strimmer. If you strim in the appropriate direction - right to left or left to right - you will always be strimming a fresh patch rather than dumping debris into your path as you go.

It takes a while to get used to using a strimmer and to achieve a perfectly neat edge or border. There are different strimmer techniques to use and it is worth finding out about these if you don't know them. As with all tools, there is a right and wrong way to use the strimmer, with the right way usually safer and less tiring.

Ordering new strimmer parts

It is always worth having a spare strimmer spool and line to hand, as it is frustrating to plan a day's strimming only to find that the line breaks ten minutes after you start! Simply Bearings offers great discounts when you buy several of an item, so it may be worth taking advantage of this and buying a few.

Whether your order is large or small, our deliveries are fast and efficient. If it is really urgent, we have a same-day delivery service - give us a call and we will be happy to arrange this.


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